Question- Is it possible to eat six saltine crackers in under one minute?

Kristina: Saliva- A watery fluid, secreted (generate) into the mouth by the salivary glands, that functions in the tasting,
chewing, and swallowing. It also help moisten the mouth, and starts the digestion.
Salivary Glands- Helps create saliva. Enzyme- Any of the Various proteins, Organized from living cells and
capable of producing certain chemical changes in substances by digestion. Carbohydrate- Change to such
substances on simple chemical transformations, That forms the supporting tissue of plants and are important
for food for animals and people. Salt- A crystalline compound of sea water, ect, used for seasoning food, as a
preservative. Absorption- The state of being absorbed. What causes you to produce saliva? Saliva is produced from
response to reflexes triggering by taste and movements of the jaw muscles, joints and pressure on the teeth due too chewing.
It neutralizes acid from bacteria and among other things. How can you increase saliva production? there are lost of chemicals that can increase saliva production. Why cant you "supposedly" eat six saltine crackers in one minute? The saltine Crackers soak up all the
water/ saliva in your mouth so it makes your mouth really dry and hard to swallow. Why does it have to be "salted" saltines? How does "salt"
affect your ability to eat all six? The salt from the saltine crackers cause your mouth to water and the cracker soaks up all the saliva
in your mouth causing your mouth to become dry, and to be hard to swallow the cracker. How much "liquid" will a saltine absorb?
We did a test with 100Ml of water and the saltine cracker can soak up at least 6Ml. We did the same test a second time with 2 saltine crackers and it soaked up 12Ml.
How much saliva does a typical "normal" person produce? We did a test where we had two people spit into cups and after
we would measure how much the produced. Each person could produce an average of about 3Ml of Saliva.

February 10:
Question: It is possible to eat 6 saltine crackers in under a minute without anything to drink?

Independent ~~ Water/ No Water
Dependent ~~Time it takes to eat 6 saltine crackers
Constants ~~People, Size of cracker, Type of cracker Time limit.

Hypothesis ~~ We don’t think we can do it because the salt from the cracker makes your mouth water because the salivary glands motioned that there was something in the mouth and caused there to be more saliva to help break it down but, The cracker soaks up all of the saliva in your mouth and causes your mouth to be dry and that makes it hard to swallow,

Materials~~ Crackers, People, Clock, Camera.

Procedure (steps)
1) Get 6 Saltine Crackers
2) Have someone record you while doing this to prove if it is or isn’t possible.
3) When the timer person says “go” start eating the crackers as fast as you can.
4) When the time is up the timer will say “Stop”.
5) If there is no more crackers in your mouth of on the table then you have passed if there is crackers left over, then it is impossible.
6) Repeat Steps 1-5 a couple times to make sure results are right.

WE think that it is impossible to eat 6 saltine crackers in under a minute without any water because all the salt from the crackers makes your mouth water but then the cracker soaks up all the saliva in your mouth. We did a test and each cracker can hold up to at least 10 ML. And each human being can produce at least 5Ml in about 30 seconds.