Myth (brief description)
Myth (description)
Are grandparents told us never to eat pop rocks and soda because it would blow up your stomach? So far it is not true but we are going to try diet soda instead of regular.

Research (write down the words and defintions you were responsible for finding as well as the questions and answers)

Mentos, Poprocks, Soda=? In this small scale myth we will be testing if pop rocks and coca cola can inflate a balloon and for our large scale myth we will be testing if diet coca cola and mentos will inflate a balloon

Evidence: It didn’t produce enough gas in the balloon so it wouldn’t explode a human’s body.
Explanation: We thought the balloon would exploped but it didn’t produce a enough air to blow the balloon up and exploped. But we though it would but in didn’t blow up the balloon would blow up if we moved it up and down.

Conclusion-Claim we learned that pop rocks and soda cannot make you die unless you drink a lot like gallons of pop and eat like fifty bags of pop rocks one packet will not do it didn’t even fill a balloon half full and If you did drink all of that you would be burping and throwing up so it could not make you die independent variable: pop rocks dependent variable is we only saw the balloon fill up a little bit in didn’t really inflate it at all so there wasn’t a lot of carbon dioxide it just fizzed

Large scale test
Independent: Were changing the pop kinds.
Dependent: How much will weigh with the pop and pop rocks in.
Constant: Balloon, the container, the kinds of pop rocks.

Hypothesis: we think that diet coke will have more fizz

Materials: Pop rocks, Diet coke and a balloon


  1. Get the container.
  2. Get Soda
  3. Get Pop rocks
  4. Pour Pop in container
  5. Pour Pop rocks In container
  6. Weigh Container
  7. Put balloon on
  8. Questions!!
    1. Sugar, Lactose, Milk sugar, Corn syrup, Artificial flavor, Color (Red), Processed with carbon dioxide
    2. Carbonated water, High fructose corn syrup, carmel color, Phosphoric Acid, Natural flavors caffeine

Taylor carbon dioxide- is a naturally occurring chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms covaqlently boned to a single carbon atoms.

kinetie energy - the kinetie energy of an object is the energy which it possessses due to it's motion

liquid - liqiud is a from of matter with adefine volume but no fixed shaped

solute - sloute a group of paleozoic echinoderms and a substuance that is dissolved in a sovlent to from a solution

i don't think it will matter if you use deit or regular

the human stomach is made to hold no more than two cups. how ever it can obviously be stretched past that.with regular overing, it can streched up to liters.

Ayla: Vocab

Carbonation: a mix with carbon dioxide as making soda water.
Pressure: The force upond surface by an object.
Molecules: The smallest physcal of a element.
Gas: A subtance possesing perfect molecular mobillity and property.
Solvent: Able to pay all just debts.