Myth- Jasmine
Can Jawbreakers explode in the microwave?


Small Scale Test

Small Scale Conclusion- Jasmine
Hypothesis: If you put the sugar in the microwave, then it will melt.
Evidence: The sugar was a solid. Solid bonds are stronger than their kinetic energy of there atom. The atoms are locking into their crystal lattice postions. When it melts, liquid atoms/molecules, have sufficient Kinetic Energy to overcome the chemical bonds that hold them in their crystal lattice, and move independently. Yet they don't have enough energy to seperate completely from their atoms. The gas that it gives off has so much Kinetic Energy that the molecules bounce all around, but repetedly collide with one another.
Explanation: When sugar starts to melt it turns into this carmalized like substance. The water and oxygen escape while the sugar melts and turns into pure carbon. This is why the sugar turns into a blackish color.

Large Scale Test-Jasmine
Question- Will the Jawbreaker explode in the microwave?
Variables- Our variables are, Jawbreakers, and the microwave.
Hypothesis- Our hypothesis is that if we pput the
Large Scale Conclusion- Chris
Hypothesis: We will take one jawbreaker and put it in the microwave and see how long it takes for it to melt.