Our Myth is Jaw breakers exploding in the microwave.

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Chris: Kinetic energy is the force used to move an object at a curtain speed for an extended amount of time.
Radiation is when energy particals travel through a space.

Erica: an electromagnetic wave of extremely high frequency,1 GH3 or more, and having wavelengths of from1 mm to 30cm.
an act or instance of exploding; a violent expansion or bursting with noise,as of gun powder or a boiler ( opposed to implosion).

Ashley B
Question 5:
A solid will turn into a liquid by heating a liquid. a liquid will turn into a gas by increasing a liquid until it evaporates . The way it reapers to the exploding jawbreaker myth is that the jawbreaker melts in the microwave. It turns from a solid to a liquid .. Maybe if it was a more intense heat it would turn into a gas? My two words to define were pressure and sucrose. Pressure is when a force is pushing. Sucrose is another word for sugar.
Question 1: Microwaves use various combinations of electric circuits and mechanical devices to produce and control an output of microwave energy for heating and cooking.
Question 2: The microwave gives off Radiation Energy.
Question 3: When sugar is heated it begins to melt, and it changes its composition while water and oxygen escape, then it turns into pure carbon. This is why it turns to the color black.
Question 4: Gas molecules are well separated with no regular arrangement. Gas vibrates and moves more freely at high speeds. Liquids are close together with no regular arrangement liquids vibrate, but slid past each other. Solids are tightly packed, usually in a regular pattern solids vibrate but generally do not move from place to place.
Gas - Air like fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity.

Liquid – Having consistency like that of water or oil, flowing freely but of constant volume.
Solid – Firm and stable shape; not liquid or fluid or a gas like substance

Small Scale Test Conclusion


Jawbreakers explode in the microwave.


Sucrose caramelizes in the microwave


Sucrose melts in the microwave


It was solid, solid chemical bonds are stronger then Kinetic energy of the atom. The atoms are locking into their crystal lattice positions. When it melts liquid atoms, or molecules, have sufficient Kinetic Energy to overcome the chemical bonds that hold them in their crystal lattice, and move independently. Yet they don’t have enough energy to separate completely from other atoms or molecules. Gas has so much Kinetic Energy that the molecules bounce all around, but repeatedly collide with one another


When it starts to melt it changes its composition while the water and oxygen escape, then it turns into pure carbon. This is why it turns black.

Do jawbreakers explode in the microwave?
The sugar will caramelize in the microwave.
  • Sugar
  • Measuring cup (2 cups)
  • Microwave
1) Put a teaspoon of sugar in the bowl. (add water or oil in the last two)
2) Open Microwave and place bowl in microwave
3) Close microwave set time to 1:15 (one minute fifteen seconds)
4) Wright down observations in science notebook
5) Do steps 1-4 for two trials each variable
Controlled variable: plain sugar no liquid
Variable 1: add Water to bowl
Variable 2: add oil to bowl

Ashley and Erica

Large Scale Procedure


  • 7 Jawbreakers
  • Microwave


We think that since the sugar melted in the microwave, then the jawbreaker will melt because a jawbreaker is mostly made out of sugar.


  1. Get all materials
  2. Take a jawbreaker
  3. Set in middle of microwave
  4. Shut the door
  5. Set the microwave for 4 minutes
  6. Make observations in your notebook
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 with the rest of the jawbreaker