Myth:We are testing if you can use a can of hairspray and a match or some kind of firesource and see if it will make a flamethrower that will go 7ft.

Research (Write out your vocabulary words that you found and the questions with answers that you answered).
4. What chemical in hairspray is flamable. Answer Alcohol.
Austin/ will the hairspray go at least 7 feet
Hunter E
Question: What chemical reaction takes place?
Answer; The alcohol combusts and that lights the other alcohol in the air so the flame keeps going.

Small Scale test Procedure:Spray 25ml of hairspray in to a glass container, light a match and drop it in. See if it lights.

Small scale test conclusion: Our claim for the small scale test is that once it lights on fire, the hairspray will burn for at least 1 min. we then had to put the flame out because it was getting too big. our evidence is that when we put a match in 25ml of hairspray it lit on fire and sustained a flame until we put it out. Our explanation is that hairspray has enough alcohol to be lit, and stay on fire.

Large Scale Procedure:
Materials:Pie Cooker (safety device), hairspray,candle,lighter, screwdrivers(anchor),spare candle,jug of water,science journal,pencil.
Hypothesis: If we light hairspray on fire then it will go about 4 feet because the hairspray has alcohol in it and it as limited range.
Independent Variable: Brand of hairspray
Dependent variables:Length of flame,amount of time flame stays lit
Constant variables:the safety device, source of flame
Question:How far will the flame go?
Large scale procedure:Step 1. Get materials. Step 2.Put hairspray in safety box. Step 3. release safety. Step 4. light candle. Step 5. pull ignition string. Step6. measure flame distance. Step 7. record results. Step 8. repeat steps 1-7 5 times.
Jared S

Question: How will the large scale procedure keep us safe?
Answer: We will make a box, that we will call the cumbustion chamber, with a contraption so that we can pull a string and the can will spray. That way we will be able to
ignite it safely.