Myth (brief description)-It is impossible to drink a gallon of milk in a hour without puking.

Research (write down the words and definitions you were responsible for finding as well as the questions and answers)
pH- A metric unit used to express the acid or calcium, cerum, aluminum, or iron on a scale.
Acid- it usually has a sour taste, containing hydrogen that can be replaced by a metal or a group of positive electricity to form a group of salt.
Base- the level of pH.
chemical reaction- campare nuclear reaction a process that involves changes in structure and energey content of atoms, molecules,orions but not their nucleir.
1. if it expands then it can hold 1 gallon
2. the pH is 6.6 for milk.
3. has a pH of 1.5 to 3.5
4. they nutralize and one takes a hydrogen and the other gives one up.
5. lack-tas breaks up the lack-tose.
6. too much acid or stomach isn't big enough
7.yes because as the milk % gets higher the thicker the milk goes and the thicker the milk gets the less you want to drink more of it and it fills you up more.
8.that for water you get it from wells and milk you get from cows. milk has animal fat and calcium in it and water doesn't one is white and the other is clear.
Lauryn• pH-a scale to express acid and alkali from 0-14 where 0 represents more acid and 14 represnts more alkali and 7 is nuetral.
• Acid-a substance with a sour taste.
• Base-a substance that accepts hydrogen ions
• Stomach acid (chemical formula for it as well)-a digestive fluid in the stomach. HCI+KCI+NaCI=stomach acid.
• Chemical reaction-a process that involves changes in the structure and energy content in atoms, molecules or ions but not there nuclei
1) How much liquid can the typical human stomach hold?
about 2-4 liters
2) What is the pH of milk?
ranging from 6.4-6.8
3) What is the pH of stomach acid?
4) What happens when an acid and a base come in contact with one another?
they neutralize each other to a pH of 7.
5) What happens when milk and stomach acid combine? Find out details
- the milk can increase the stomach acid.
Some foods seem to increase acid secretion in the stomach, and may increase the risk of ulcers or indigestion. One troublesome foodstuff is milk.
Many people with ulcers are advised to drink milk because it is alkaline and is thought to help neutralise stomach acid. However, as far back as the mid-Seventies, researchers questioned the practice of drinking milk to relieve the pain of ulcers when they discovered that it actually increases stomach acid secretion.
More research in the Eighties suggested that milk actually delays the healing of duodenal ulcers. Other foodstuffs which have been shown to increase stomach acid secretion include coffee and alcohol.
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6) Why is it that “supposedly” a typical person can’t drink milk in one hour?
some peoples stomachs cant handle it.
7) Does it matter if the milk is “skim, 1%, 2% or whole milk”? How does that variable affect the results?
yes because the higher the percent or whole milk is telling how much cream is in it. if you drink a gallon of whole milk it would probably be harder to do so because there is a lot of cream in it.if you drink skim it would be easier because it has no cream
8) What is the difference between water and milk?
milk comes from a cow. originally it was food and water but it gets broken down into milk. water comes from the ground. milk has a lot of nutrients in it and is thick unlike milk

pH-a measure of acid.
acid- a sour taste added to a substance.
base- the level of pH
stomach acid- HCI+KCI+NaCI....A gastric fluid in the stomach.
chemical reaction- a reaction to anything with a process of atoms.
Q1) 1.5 L
Q2) 6.5 to 6.7
Q3) 1.5 to 3.5
Q4)They neautrilize eachother.
Q5) The milk will sometimes increase the stomach acid.
Q6)Some peoples stomachs are too small or cannot handle all of its pressure. It may expand at times if too many liquids are in the stomach.
Q7)The higher the percent is the more cream in the milk.
Q8)Milk comes from a cow and water comes from the ground.

Small Scale Procedure---

Question: Is it Possible to drink a half a gallon of milk in a half an hour without puking?

Hypothises: I think that Lauryn and Bella will be able to drink a gallon of milk in a half hour

Independant: The person
Dependant: if they can drink a half a gallon of milk without puking

2 people (Lauryn&Bella)
Trash can
Warm Clothing
Video Camera
2 half gallons of milk

1. Set up table
2. Have a trash can nearby
3. Make Sure you are near a bathroom
4. Have 1 half gallon of milk ready to drink
5.Write down what time you are starting
6. Drink as much milk as you can in half an hour
7. Video tape parts of the test.
8. Once time is up, determine if you busted the myth or not.

Conclusionsion for small scale--

We learned that a person can drink a half-gallon of milk in a half-an-hour. It is possible to do this because you stomach can hold this much liquidand more because it can expand. it also depends on if the person is able to drink a lot of milk in a short time then not throw up.

Large scale Procedure

Question: Can a human drink a gallon of milk in an hour without puking?
independent- the person
dependent- if they throw up after drinking the milk in a hour
constant- the type of milk, the time
hypothesis- if we can drink a gallon of milk in an hour and not throw up for another hour because our stomachs will be able to hold it .
materials- trash can, bathroom, video, table, warm clothes, 2 people,clock
1. go to the bathroom.
2. look at the clock and write it down.
3. start when you write down the time.
4. pace yourself.
5. when an hour is up, stop drinking.
6. keep the milk down for another hour.(Do Not throw up)
7. dont forget to record on the camera.
8 if you drank the full gallon in an hour than kept it down for another, you have succeeded.

Large Scale Conclusion:

We claim that you can drink a whole gallon of milk in an hour, but it depends on how big your stomach is because i’ve seen people drink a gallon of milk. But in our test, we did not succeed.

Busted, Confirmed or Plausible?
We came to a consences that it is plausible. We did not have enough space in our stomach to hold the whole gallon. It can be possible if you havae a big enough stomach.