Myth (brief description)

Our myth is about a bottle of pop. The cap hopfully should come off to see if it would kill someone.


Derek: Ideal gas law: The law that the product of the pressure and volume of one gram moludule of an ideal gas is equal to the produce of the abousulte temp of the gas and the universal gas constant. What parts of the body could have a ''dealdly'' hit. Stomach, chest, skull.
What subtances can you use to simulate''human tissue''. Jello.
How far in to human ''tissue'' would it represent a ''deadly'' accident. The vital organs 3 inches

Speed: relative rapidlyin moving
.Force: Physical power or strengthpassed by a living being.
5) 80 times the atmosphere pressure-skull.
6)By weight or being pressed down on.
Jared M
Gas: Any fluid used a s fuel, anesthetic
Kinetic Energy: The energy of a body or system with respect to the motion of the body or the particles of the system.
3) How moch pressure will it take to have the bottle cap
4)How much does a soda bottle typicaly have within it when they bottle the soda? A 2 Liter bottle has 100 PSI

Myth Busters Procudure to Small Scale Experiment

Is there enough air pressure for the bottle cap to come off?
Independent: The amount of pressure we put in the bottle.
Dependent: If the cap came off the bottle.
The bottle cap won't come off.
1) Get Materials
2)Drill hole in bottom of the bottle
3)put the sport needle in the bottom of the bottle
4)use hot glue to seal bottom of the bottle
5)slowly put compared air in the bottle till cap comes off
6)Record the PSI it took to launch off the cap
7)repeat three times

Air Compressure
two lter bottles with whole in it
Hot glue gun and glue
sports needle

Myth Busters Conclusion to Small Scale Experiment

Jared Miller
Claim: The bottle cap didn’t come off the bottle from the air compressor.
Evidence: The bottle got hard and the air was coming right back out the back and a little out the where the cap is. Also the were thing there the connecter where the air came out wasn’t connected we had to hold it so some of the air was coming out so not all of the air was going in there in the first place.
Explanation: it didn’t work because some air was coming out of the bottle so it wasn’t getting all the air and there wasn’t enough air pressure to make the bottle cap fly off.

Large Scale Procedure
If you drop a brick on a shoock up pop bottle will the cap come off?
Independent: How long you shake up the bottle.
Depentent: If the bottle cap came off or not.
THe cap will come off the bottle because of the pressure.
wood box thing
2, 2 liters of pop
  1. Bring Materials
  2. Set up Jell-O and shake up pop bottle with pressure gauge
  3. drop brick and pop bottle
  4. bottle cap will fly off into the Jell-O
  5. observe
  6. record data

Large Scale Conclusion

Claim:the bottle cap didn't come off but the pop came out of the side where the brick hit it.
Evidence: The bottle got really hard and when you would through the brick at it it would bounce off. But the first time we did it the pop came out right way and the cap didn't come off.
Explanation: the cap didn't come off because the seal was to tight or because it wasn't shook up enough.

Our myth is BUSTED because the cap didn't come off the bottle and go into the jello.